Hello and welcome to our blog!

We are a 20-something-year-old couple living in the Netherlands interested in the environment and our planet.

We think to some degree everyone’s been raised with the knowledge that there’s something messy going on with the way we treat our natural world, but for a lot of us it takes a long time to become actually aware of it. We sure weren’t. For years we knew where chicken nuggets come from, yet we still bought them. It’s hard to admit sometimes that you’ve consciously made the lesser choice, but all you can do is become aware of your own flaws and slowly start trying to do a little better.

The issue
The way people live – ranging from the way we treat people, animals and our surroundings – is quite unsustainable in the long term. Earth Overshoot Day is a concept which calculates the date of the year where we have used up all of the natural resources that the Earth can renew each year. In 2020, we used up our natural resources allowance by August 22. There isn’t one particular thing we do that is the problem, it is the accumulation of many hundreds of decisions we make in modern life which has a large overall impact. This may seem overwhelming – and it is – but it does mean that there’s a lot of small things you can do to improve it. With enough people making small changes, we can create big structural change.

Besides the issues with the physical world, we’re also becoming increasinlgy aware of other issues in our modern fast-paced society. Anxiety levels are rising and the pressure to ‘become’ something higher than ever. We feel compelled to try and help improve the way things are going.

But where to begin?
We are so used to the conveniences that modern-day living has brought us, that it can make you dizzy just thinking about where to make improvements. A greener earth shouldn’t cost you your sanity. That’s why we decided to start this blog; a place where we can share our journey in small, down to earth suggestions (and/or anecdotes!) to make positive change easier; we’re not perfect, and we don’t want you to be.